Trainings can also be customized by your team to deep dive on any of the above topics. For example, Proctor & Gamble’s sales team used our training to help sharpen their team’s ability to sustain client relationships and grow new ones.

Additionally, we can work with you to devise a tailored, in-house improv training program where your managers will learn the improv basics and be able to execute on-going classes with employees.  Our team can also offer shorter refresher sessions at different intervals throughout the year. Like any muscle, communication skills need to be kept in shape/sharpened and improv exercises are the perfect way to do this.
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"We thoroughly enjoyed the training put on by your group! I think most of us were very nervous at the thought of improv and you all made it so much fun. I have never received so much positive feedback on a training. Your group kept us up and moving and will truly make an impact on how we interact with each other and our customer.  Thank you again for an awesome training!"          —Brooke Hoskinson, Account Executive, Procter & Gamble

Benefits of this training include a team that:

is more deeply bonded

easier resolves internal/external conflict

understands new ways to have each other’s back

better adapts to new changes

inspires deeper creative collaboration

more easily manages stressful situations

enhances customer service

strengthens client relations

Traditional training methods provide information that affects what the learner knows but may not automatically change a behavior.  Creating change is about breaking a pattern and replacing it with a new way of thinking.  Improv-based learning helps individuals break patterns in order to respond in new ways and influences others to do the same.