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8 years ago, a little troupe of actors decided to take their skills up a notch. They hired a most amazing improv coach (Elizabeth Byland, Improv Olympics of Chicago/SCAD) and embarked on a new adventure. What happened next, besides being able to put on a summer full of Improv Shows, surprised them all. Improv was making their lives better. They reported better communication with their significant others, deeper and genuine relationships formed because they had become better listeners, and their ability to go-with-the-flow and live-in-the-moment made each day more fulfilling, successful, And, as you do when you find something you just can't live without, this group decided what they found was worth sharing.

Collectively, the trainers at ImprovHub have taught improv classes to both adults and children, they've led corporate improv trainings for international non-profits, local government institutions, international corporations, and churches. They are tour guides, history buffs, performers and singers. They are counselors, writers, and work in the corporate sector. And above it all, they have seen what improv can do within a company, within an organization, and within an individual.

ImprovHub can't wait to work with your group. Give us a call today. We’re listening.