​Trainings end with a cool-down debrief where we connect the dots between the improv principles learned and how these principles can be applied in personal or professional settings.

We specialize in ​improv-based training which, similar to a physical exercise class, leads participants through a series of improv group exercises focused on strengthening the interpersonal communication muscle!   

ImprovHub trainers: Fritz, Lorrie, Sheila, & Scoggins

​​"Theater Games are a process applicable to any field, discipline, or subject matter which creates a place where full participation, communication, and transformation can take place.”

                                                                       —Viola Spolin, Innovator of 20th Century American Improv

Through this interactive learning model, participants apply and practice these communication principles with each exercise building upon the last (as well as each laugh!)

Bonded teams, sharpened interpersonal communication skills, tons of fun, and much more! ​

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