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 Register for any ImprovHub class free  of charge.  After the first session on May 8 or May 13, if you decide you or your child wants to complete the program, you can pay us then for the entire seven weeks.  If not, you or your child has received a free improv session with no further obligation.  So check out the classes and register now!

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      How Improv Benefits You

  • You become more confident.  It's perfect for the adult who hates the thought of public speaking and the child who starts crying when put in front of an audience.
  • You become a better listener.  Ideal for those who have trouble keeping focused on others. 
  • You become more trusting.  Trouble putting your faith in the hands of others?  That's what improv's all about.  
  • You become an integral part of the group. It's all about being part of the team. ​
  • If you're a parent, improv can even improve your relationship with your kids.  We offer a special "Parents and Their Children" class precisely for this purpose.
  • And, oh yeah, it's all a lot of fun!
  • So please check out our classes today.

"For Real! Got love, laughter, enjoyment for the soul.  FUN!"

K. T.

ImprovHub Class Participant

February 27, 2017

ImprovHub Director Lori Rumpel prepares a class of budding "improvers"  for a game of  "Family Portraits."

Improv is about joy, fun and laughter, but it is also about unity, equality and focusing on others. ImprovHub offers everyone--kids, teens, adults--classes that teach the principles of the art of improvisation in a nurturing environment in which everyone is encouraged and no one is ignored.    Everyone learns how to "agree, copy, heighten" and everyone gets a chance to discover the innate creative talent that resides in all of us.